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How To Develop A Successful Content Strategy

Strategic content development is critical to your online marketing and SEO. Innovative content helps your business authority, engages visitors and will get your business references, inbound links and attention from your target audience. You will have to follow structured process including research, idea development and execution. Below are some questions you have to ask yourself during any of the three phases to a successful content strategy.

How To Develop Your Content And Gain Authority

Content and good copywriting are essential elements in a successful online marketing strategy. When it comes to SEO, content has always been king. With advances in search engine algorithms, creating quality content has become even more essential than before. Content is what gains your website relevancy, helps you build authority and makes it much easier to attract inbound links (increases the likelihood of quality links from other websites). Great content also engages first time visitors, increases your page views and helps you convert your visitors into leads and sales.

How Social Media Affects Search Engine Rankings

Bing search engine director, Stefan Weitz, recently claimed that traditional search is failing and that search technology itself hasn't changed fundamentally in the past 12 years. Surely a dig at Google’s dominance, but also a strong hint that search will change and incorporate other factors in finding the best results for their users. Will future search still be about content and inbound links?