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219% INCREASE in Organic traffic

145% INCREASE in Social traffic

234% INCREASE in Blog views

Over 8K NEW FOLLOWERS on Twitter


SEO alignment
Content optimisation
In-Depth semantic keyword research
YouTube optimisation


Reach building
Micro content

Paid media
Google PPC & RLSA

The Challenge

  • Build a new audience for No Letting Go and establish the brand as an industry leader for property inventory services
  • Drive traffic to the website to generate more business
  • Utilise social media channels to boost brand awareness
  • Use paid media channels to promote franchisee business & Kaptur inventory software to generate leads

The Solution

  • Carried out full website audit to identify opportunities for boosting site's performance in search
  • Turned No Letting Go's blog into a helpful resource for landlords, tenants and property professionals
    • Created full content roadmap to plan topics & themes for the upcoming year
    • Utilised the skyscraper method to create high quality, insightful content that performed exceptionally well in search results
  • Managed multiple NLG social media accounts to drive awareness across all areas of the business
    • Regularly interacted with key property accounts to establish No Letting Go as a thought leader
    • Grew engaged following across LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Set up and managed a full AdWords campaign to drive leads and sign-ups
    • Regularly optimised campaign to lower CPA and discover profitable keywords

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