120% INCREASE in Organic traffic

1400% INCREASE in Social traffic

100% INCREASE in Blog views

3500 NEW FOLLOWERS on Twitter


SEO alignment
Content optimisation


Reach building
Micro content

Paid media
YouTube ads
LinkedIn ads
Twitter ads
Facebook ads

The Challenge

  • Establish iSuperdrive as the market leader in luxury car & classic car rental
  • Build brand across social media, creating a community of car lovers that interact with iSuperdrive
  • Raise organic conversions from website & significantly increase online revenue
  • Improve SEO & help iSuperdrive rank for multiple keywords

The Solution

  • Developed a bespoke strategy for creating shareable, SEO-optimised content
    • Implemented content roadmap, releasing high-quality blogs & landing pages to improve rankings & traffic
  • Built a highly engaged community across various social channels, focusing on key influencers and those with an affinity audience
    • Used affinity marketing techniques to increase brand awareness and drive conversions
  • Utilised both on-page & technical SEO to gain search rankings & increase organic sessions
  • Identified and regularly interacted with people on social media to build an engaged community
    • Used Twitter as a tool to seed content, interact with luxury car community and become a thought leader within the industry

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