Your Twitter Account Suspended – What Next?

Have you just logged into your Twitter account to find it has been suspended? Don’t panic: your account has been suspended not banned. You just have to contact Twitter support, explain your problem clearly, provide a short explanation of your problem and have patience. It normally takes seven days to get your account unsuspended. You have to assume that it will take longer in the future with more and more people using and abusing Twitter and social media.

It is possible that your account was suspended by Twitter in error. This happens all the time as Twitter’s automated spam detection system does not always get it right. Even if you were suspended for the right reasons, because of prohibited following automation from your account or manual aggressive following behaviour, you will get your account unsuspended if you follow the correct protocol below:

Step1: Login to your account, go to support form and select ‘suspended account’ option and submit the following message:

Regarding: Suspended account

Subject: - account suspended - can you please lift suspension

Description of problem:

Account shows suspended, not sure why! I have followed a number of Twitter accounts over the past few days. I have also integrated the account with my Facebook page. I believe, I complied with the guidelines as I understand them and I am not aware of any actions which might have resulted in this suspension.
Could you please reactivate my account asap as it is important for me.

Step2. Twitter will respond to your request with an initial standard email:

Hello Twitter user!

We understand that you're contesting an account suspension. Please be sure to read this entire email; you will need to take further action in order to reopen your ticket and trigger a review of your account.

Twitter suspends accounts for a variety of reasons:

• If your account was suspended for aggressive following behaviour, you should have received an email notification to the address associated with your Twitter account. You'll need to confirm that you've removed all prohibited following automation from your account, and will stop any manual aggressive following behaviour. To expedite your appeal process, please review our Best Practices page if you haven't already, and then reply to this ticket with a confirmation that you understand our policies and will not engage in any prohibited following behaviour.

• If you didn't receive an email indicating why your account was suspended, please take a minute to review the Twitter Rules. If you suspect you've been suspended for another reason, please reply to this email with a short explanation.

• If you received an email from saying 'you're being suspended' or that we're going delete your account, you're safe; the email is fake. More information here

• While we strive to avoid mistakes, it's also possible that your account was suspended in error. If after reviewing the Rules, you have no idea why your account was suspended, just reply to this email indicating as much, and we'll take another look at your case. Our apologies if the error turns out to be ours.

Twitter Trust & Safety

Step3: You respond to Twitter with the following email (or a variation):

Hello Twitter Trust & Safety

I confirmation, that I understand our policies and will not engage in any prohibited following behaviour.
I have integrated Twitter with my Facebook page yesterday and created some updates with some test links. If this has caused the suspension, please accept my apologies. We will not Tweet many links in the future, but use the account to update Followers.

I have also followed and un-followed a number of accounts. If this has caused the suspension, again , please accept my apologies.

I have read your guidelines today and I can't see an obvious reason why my account has been suspended. The account is important to me and it is for a very good cause. In any case , I will not engage in any prohibited following behaviour in the future.

I have a lot of great things to communicate and I am an enthusiastic Twitter user and Follower . It would be very helpful to have our account back at the soonest possible.
Many thanks in advance.

Step4: After seven days you should receive the following message from Twitter:


Your account was caught by one of the automated systems we have in place to keep Twitter spam-free. It looks like you might have been following other users a bit too aggressively, as a disproportionately large number of the users you followed have blocked your account or reported your account as spam. Your account is now unsuspended, but you might want to review your criteria for following other users and take another look at our rules and best practices pages at this time:

• The Twitter Rules:
• Following Limits and Best Practices:
• Automation Rules and Best Practices:

Please note that further violations may result in permanent suspension.


You are unsuspended. This process might take seven or more days but with a little patience your social media marketing is back up and running.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you with your Twitter marketing, social media and online marketing in 2012.

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