Marketing Stocking Fillers: Essential Tools for 2014

Tis the season of goodwill, cheer and presents! We all know everything is changing in the world of digital marketing but that isn’t necessarily bad news, because with change comes innovation. New ways to approach tasks, if not made easier then at least more interesting. As our strategies have been evolving we have also have to adopt new tools to accompany the achievement of our goals. Something I’ve found great this year is the amount of new tools being provided to help collate and create relevant and interesting content.

Social Revolution or Social Devolution?

The introduction of Social Media has changed the way we behave both as marketers and individuals; its advent has seen many brands and companies adapt personality and thus activities as a necessity to maintain relevance and humanity. The world has indeed shrunk making almost anyone contactable to almost everyone; the six degrees of separation rule is now clearly apparent. This rule was illustrated beautifully in the six degrees of Kevin Bacon meme that rose to popularity a couple of years ago.

How To Avoid The Duplicate Content Trap

Unique quality content is essential for search and social. Duplicate content dents your chances of achieving high SERPs at best, or penalises your site at worst.  Search Engines do test for the uniqueness of copy. If your content is similar to another, your site can be subject to duplicate content penalty. Read on to find out what is considered duplicate content and why you should avoid duplications at any time.


Seeing Double

Ten Essential Steps To Optimise Copy For Search

If you are writing and publishing content for websites you should be writing and publishing your content so it is optimised for Search Engines. Search Engine Optimised (SEO) copy is a little more work but could reap massive benefits. Importantly, expert SEO copywriting is a prerequisite for achieving solid Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) success. Search Engines need to understand what your page is all about as much as your visitors. Writing copy for SEO does not have to be a compromise. Read our top ten essential steps to write successful copy for SEO:

Has Google Lost The Plot, Returning The C-Word When Searching 'English Person'?

Google seems to think that the archetype English person is an extremely unpleasant one. Have they lost the plot or has their algorithm encountered another ghost in the machine? Just type in 'English person' into the Google Search Engine and you will see what we mean.

Top 10 Trends Influencing Google Rankings Post Penguin

Google made over 500 algorithm changes last 12 months. Penguin and Panda are just the two most publicised updates, having had the biggest effect on websites. What does it all mean to your website's rankings in the future? Here our views on what will affect your website's rankings in the future.

Top 10 Trends Influencing Google Rankings Post Penguin:

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Social Media And SEO

Search engine optimisation doesn’t exist in a vacuum, the relationship between search engine optimisation (SEO) and Social Media is symbiotic in nature; meaning that the relationship benefits both parties. The cycle of interaction between social media and SEO starts with the publishing of quality content; content that is interesting, readable, succinct, well-written, and persuasive.

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