Top Ten Twitter Uses For Businesses

How do businesses use Twitter these days and how do you do business via social media? Let's cut out the long intros and focus on business. We all know how Twitter works and what it does, but do you know all the things Twitter is used for by businesses? Read our list, in order of frequency, of Twitter business use and abuse:

  1. Improve brand awareness and reputation
  2. Publish new content
  3. Additional marketing channel
  4. Brand monitoring
  5. Market intelligence
  6. Gathering customer feedback
  7. Reacting to customer service issues and enquiries
  8. Additional sales channel
  9. HR and recruitment
  10. Others purposes

Top Ten Twitter Uses For Businesses
Improve brand awareness and reputation

A growing number of Twitter users follow brands and companies on Twitter, providing an excellent way to improve brand awareness by sharing news and insights about your business as well as freebies, specials, deals and promotions. Twitter is an excellent source of news and information Twitter users often discuss events but also experiences with products and services. Watch out for negative tweets about your brand that might be circulating on Twitter. Thousands of Twitter users could find out within a matter of minutes. It pays to have a Twitter presence; to improve brand awareness, monitor and manage your reputation online.

Publish & share content

Twitter is a great broadcasting channel as with each follower you have a ready made audience to listen to what you have to say. It is an ideal platform to create thoughtful comments and share interesting content with your followers. Share your latest opinions, comments, blog posts, articles, videos, images, promotions and web pages. Interact with followers on their content, especially if you have some relevant content on the subject matter.

Additional marketing channel

Twitter is quickly becoming a marketing channel the equal of traditional channels like postal, email and phone. Twitter is regularly innovating as it is trying to establish itself as a commercially viable platform, as such providing an ever increasing source for vital marketing data. Twitter can be a vital tool for customer data gathering and business prospect search.

Brand monitoring tool

Twitter helps you to track your brand mentions in real time. You can track via keyword or hashtag along with the standard mention/RT tracking on the homepage. Twitter is where most of the conversation takes place, and if you aren’t there watching then you are missing out on valuable information about your business

Market intelligence

Small-business owners often can gain an edge on more established, larger competitors with cost-efficient and free social media site. Twitter has become one of the most popular sources of market intelligence. With users on Twitter heading towards a quarter million, you can find and monitor conversations on very specific topics, products and services. There are millions of conversations from blogs, social networks and media, allowing you to keep up with most topics.

Gathering customer feedback

Do you know what your customers think about your brand, business, products and services? Successful business owners know that gathering customer feedback is vital. Understanding what your customers think about your products and services can not only help you improve quality, but can also give you insights into new products and service development. Viewing conversations on Twitter and engaging with Twitter users will get you this vital feedback and make your business more successful.

Reacting to customer service issues and enquiries

Social media as well as customer care is an investment in the future of communication. With the rise of social media and Twitter in particular, the risk of poor customer service increases drastically. These days, customers not only talk to family, friends and peers, but also to a wider audience via social media. In the age of social media, the customer becomes your extended marketing and PR department. Twitter used well, can positively influence your image, brand, product and service, which will in turn have a positive impact on your sales and customer loyalty.

Additional Sales channel

Twitter is a potential sales tool if you think your target-group is open-minded, loves a last-minute offer or deal and is ready to be engaged via social media. However selling on Twitter only works if your business has a long-term social media strategy and does not just want to drive a short-time sale. Don’t use Twitter if your target audience rarely takes advantage of last-minute offers and deals. You also can’t sell to them if they don’t actively use social media.

HR & recruitment - Find talent & staff

If you have vacancies to fill, Twitter could be useful as a recruitment channel. The use of social media as a recruitment tool has taken off in recent years. Larger and smaller companies are using Twitter to recruit new talent. The main advantage of Twitter is the searchability. You can home in on talent, encourage following, foster interaction and send direct messages.

Others purposes

If none of the above is useful to you or your business, why not use your Twitter account to have some fun; share some opinions, join the conversation on any topic of interest or just have a laugh. You never know, this might lead to something too, it normally does!

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