Social Media in the 80's

Life Before Social Media

You are kidding me, right? There was no life before social media and the internet in general! Or sometimes it feels that way. We are absorbed by it at every aspect of our lives; the internet plays such a large role. Google handles over 5.9 billion search queries a day, 6 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every month, every day Facebook accumulates 3.2 billion comments and likes and Twitter receives 200 million tweets every single day. We use social applications for work and play. During our leisure time we capture moments using apps such as Instagram, replacing photo albums, we use streaming service such as Spotify and Netflix for our visual and aural pleasures. At work we are required to network on Linkedin, build brands on Twitter and keep up to date using Google and the blog-sphere. The whole nature of human communication has become immaterial - even our friendships and relationships are maintained through social status updates and responses in the form of likes or retweets or reciprocal engagement. It is no wonder it has become so difficult to recall a time before the internet and in particular social media. But stop and ask yourself, what would the internet we all know, love and take for granted have looked like in the 80's and 90's? Although not  so long ago technology has changed significantly and the velocity at which it is still changing becomes ever more rapid; what's in store for social in 20 years time is certainly unclear. But what it may have looked like in the past, given the available technology, can be re-imagined. Technology plays a massive role in our lives and the mode in which we communicate with others, looking back it is clear to see why social media as we now know it did not exist. But what if it did? Well it would look like this:


The Internet in the 80's and 90's

Squirrel Monkey make retro videos, nostalgic, relevant and down right funny. Re-imagining todays everyday social activities in a time when technology simply would not permit it. There are loads of videos to browse through on their YouTube channel but I have chosen my 3 favourites: Google, Spotify and Instagram. 

Google in the 80's

Google ran in DOS and still came with that patronising autocorrect!


Google in the 80's


Spotify in the 80's

How else do you expect to listen to music online?


Spotify in the 80's

Instagram in the 80's
Not so instant, requires patience, may I suggest a Polaroid camera?
Instagram in the 80's

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