Snap Fashion; A Digital Marketing Perspective

Something very exciting is happening in the fashion industry. A new app, supported by Innovate UK is set to revolutionise the way we shop for clothes. Snap Fashion is an award winning app that allows you to take a quick picture of any garment and will immediately find you similar High Street options. The beauty of this technology is that it’s not just a simple search engine, it doesn’t give an exact result, it helps you seek inspiration from the initial item. The possibilities for this type of technology are phenomenal - when you begin to contemplate the potential in relation to digital marketing, things become very exciting indeed.

Snap Fashion; A Digital Marketing Perspective

What Makes Snap Fashion Great?

You don’t have to be a fashion expert to appreciate the need for this app. Whether you spot a piece of clothing in a magazine, on a mannequin or in the street, you’ll be able to find something just like it in a few clicks. Not only that, the algorithm will allow you to find something to clash with the item, something to mix it up with or even bolder options surrounding your search. Founder Jenny Griffiths is not a fashion focussed individual, she found her feet in technology and dreams of a day when you can search for any product using Snap Fashion.

Coming To A Changing Room Near You

The app is soon to see its technology integrated into High Street changing rooms, giving the retailer yet another opportunity to secure a sale from the consumer. On this, Jenny Griffiths said: “Once you’ve tried on an item, we’ll ask you whether you liked it or not. If you didn’t like it, our software will try to help you out. We ask you a series of questions and, depending on your answers, we’ll tap into different parts of our algorithm to show you visually similar things we think you might like.”

Digital Marketing Potential

So this app sounds impressive but why is it so exciting from a digital marketing perspective? The truth is that Snap Fashion is appealing to both clients and consumers. It is the middle ground that will connect a brand’s products to the niche market that is actively seeking it. Brands and retailers will automatically want to become affiliates with the app for the potential it holds. This in turn will mean that consumers will be driven to the site through respect for the high profile names that have become affiliated. 

Instant Analytics

The easily accessible and simple-to-use nature of Snap Fashion allows for a positive experience. This means that once consumers have been found, they are likely to be retained. As consumers snap items of clothing and search for specific products, the app can collect data on the population of users and see automatically what is trending. This is particularly useful in the fashion industry. The collection of data allows for regular content ideas, this can depict to the masses what the latest trends and style tips are. This analytic data will ensure that the company can tailor social posts directly for their niche market. The visual aspect of the Snap Fashion means that it will go hand-in-hand with other apps like Instagram which are also hugely popular in fashion. 

Integrated Editorial Content

Snap Fashion is going to completely transform the way that you shop. The company recently received an investment from Time Inc, the publisher of fashion magazines like Marie Claire, Look and InStyle. These magazines will be first to integrate Snap Fashion technology into their editorial content. Once publications like this show an interest in an app, there’s only one direction that it’s heading. The ability to appeal directly to such a large consumer base, whilst having the backing of such well respected publications is a dream for marketing the brand online.

Snap Fashion Digital Marketing

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Images sourced from Snap Fashion and Innovate UK.


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