Master The SEO Mindset & Growth Hacking - Vodafone Business Event

On the 8th March, startups and SMEs will descend upon Holborn for an evening of expert advice (for free!) courtesy of us at Netleadz. We’ve teamed up with Vodafone and We Work to help give your brand the very best chance of success. We’ll be offering industry secrets, hints and tips in our two presentations of the night. Be sure to join us and let us help you master the SEO mindset & growth hacking


What’s It All About Then?

Netleadz, Vodafone and We Work all have a dedication to boosting the UK’s startup landscape. This is why we’ve teamed up for this very special workshop. Two of our digital marketing thought leaders (more about them later) are leading the presentations – they’ll be offering up insider knowledge that could be the difference between digital success or failure. 
That’s not all! The night is an exceptional opportunity for you to meet and network with like-minded businesses and experts. There may even be a few investors present too. Here’s how the night will play out:
18.00: Registration, networking, drinks and canapes (who doesn’t love a canape or two?)
18.30: Welcome to Vodafone
18.45: The SEO Mindset and Growth Hacking Workshops (presented by Netleadz)
20.00: Networking and more drinks
21.00: End of event

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Who’s Presenting?

If you’re receiving expert advice, it’s fair to ask who’s presenting it. Well here’s a little about who will be delivering the presentations.

Xaver Matt (The SEO Mindset)

Entrepreneur by nature, Xav has owned numerous thriving businesses. MD and founder of Netleadz, he has over 15 years of digital experience. Possessing an uncanny ability to see problems before they appear, he has been the driving force behind the online presence of numerous top brands. With a strong interest in search, Xav has witnessed the rules of SEO evolve and mould into what they are today. Been there, done that, succeeded – there are few more fluent in the language of digital marketing.

Ashley Salek (Growth Hacking)

When it comes to building a strategy and delivering results, they don’t come much better than Ash. Working as an Account Director at Netleadz, he has over eight years of Digital Marketing experience. With an out-of-the-box mindset, Ash can find a way of succeeding where others fail. From content marketing and social media to SEO and paid media, he’s mastered it all in his rich and diverse career. A natural born hustler, Ash is a huge advocate for the importance of growth hacking. Taking the bull by the horns – failure is never an option.

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The SEO Mindset

Why are startups neglecting SEO? You don’t need to answer that, we’ve done the research. Difficulty, budget and knowledge are the most common answers. The truth is, these aren’t valid excuses. There are plenty of SEO tips you can use and implement without any need for lengthy training. It’s all about the mindset.
Xav’s presentation is aimed to offer a number of takeaways, here’s what you can expect to learn:
But wait there’s more! Xav’s going to be getting to the crux of the issue and after his workshop, you can expect to understand:
  • The opportunities in search
  • What search engines actually look for
  • The key principles and success factors of SEO
  • The role of content and social media in SEO
So what’s Xav actually going to be talking about? It’s a good question. He’s not going to bore you with the details about technical SEO – this isn’t a presentation for search engine algorithm experts. He’s going to help you realise that with the right approach, SEO best practice is achievable for everyone. These are the aspects of your digital presence that he’ll help you improve:
  • Relevancy
  • Quality
  • Popularity
  • Authority
  • Trust
  • Local
  • UX
  • Brand
Xaver Matt - Master the SEO Mindset

Growth Hacking

It’s true, growth hacking has become a buzz word recently. Everyone loves to talk about it but very few can actually offer a solid definition. Growth hacking refers to a collection of hints, tips and insider secrets that’ll help boost your audience building efforts – because after all, audience building is an everyday struggle.
You can expect Ash’s presentation to cover the following:
  • An introduction to growth hacking
  • The hacks
  • Things to remember
  • The growth hacking toolkit
So how can growth hacking help my company? Oh we’re glad you asked! There are some seriously important metrics that will see a positive effect from implementing our growth hacking techniques:
  • Site traffic
  • Trial to paid customer conversion rate (freemium model)
  • Qualified leads
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Average order value
  • Repeat customer rate
  • Churn rate
  • MOM growth
  • YOY growth
Growth hacking is an essential weapon in your arsenal for boosting audience size. It gets your product or service in front of real, genuine people. It’s true that these results are short lived but the accumulation of many small-wins eventually mounts to make a big difference to your brand’s success. And most importantly, it’s usually free!

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Important Details!

So you’ve got this far – you must be interested! We like to think you’re chomping at the bit to get involved. Here’s all the important details you need to know about the event:

Date & Time

Wednesday 8th March 2017
18.00 – 21.00


WeWork Waterhouse Square
138 Holborn
Want to find out more about the amazing location? Read all about WeWork’s Waterhouse Square offices here.

Will there be food and drink?

Yes! Of course!

How much is this awesome event?

Completely free! Result!

Need a Hand at Networking?

We understand networking can be pretty tough and intimidating at times. We’re always happy to help guide startups. We’ve included a handy video from our friends over at Innovate UK to help boost your networking skills. Give it a watch and make the most of the networking opportunities at our event.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get expert advice on some of the most challenging aspects of Digital Marketing. Register for your free ticket today.

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