Netleadz Team-Up with Phil Spencer’s Move iQ

We’re excited to be working with property expert Phil Spencer’s new website, Move iQ. Launched in March this year.  The website aims to quickly become the ‘go-to-destination’ for anyone planning and organising a property move by empowering people with all the information and resources they need in one handy place. Extra online features include advice on selling a property, how to manage and maintain your home, free quote requests for mortgages, conveyancing, surveys, removals and helpful utility switch services.     

Netleadz Team-Up with Phil Spencer's Move iQ

Who Are Move iQ?

  In today’s market, with the abundance of existing property sites, what makes Move iQ so special and why are we so excited to help the brand grow into one of the dominant sites in the sector?   Phil Spencer is a recognised and respected figure in the property community, but our admiration for Move iQ’s vision goes far beyond its founder’s TV fame.   Move iQ are standing above the noise of the sector to give a voice to those parting with their money, not making it. In the UK, landlords and sellers are well represented. It can be difficult as an individual whether you’re buying or renting, to handle the process with confidence and control when you’re left to fend for yourself.   Those spending their money deserve impartial, comprehensive advice. Whether you’re a buyer, a seller, or a tenant Phil shares his 20+ years of experience and advice via the website… and there’s plenty more to come!   

Move iQ’s Vision

  “Whether you’re a buyer or a tenant, Move iQ is here to guide you through the moving minefield, supporting you in making confident moving plans – saving time, money and hassle.” – Phil Spencer.   The world of property can be daunting! In the UK, the system can be confusing and often seems biased against buyers and tenants. Estate agents work for the sellers and banks and building societies look to lend you money.   Anyone navigating the property process needs to have the right information at their fingertips and that’s where Move iQ can help with their vast portfolio of advice and guidance for the everyday person. 

Phil Spencer Move iQ Quote


Phil Spencer’s Property Experience At Your Fingertips


Phil Spencer is passionate about bringing his experience of the sector to those entering the process.
  Having worked in the property sector for over 22 years, Phil is able to use his extensive knowledge and insights of the property market. He is recognised for presenting hit TV shows including ‘Location, Location, Location’ and ‘Relocation, Relocation’ as well as a host of books aimed at buyers and tenants. 


‘Location, Location, Location’ is one of Phil Spencer’s most recognised shows and it’s a mantra he continues to advocate. With such a large investment, there’s no second chances. The area you live is just as important as the property itself.


To ensure buyers and tenants are armed with as much information as possible, Move iQ teamed up with a leading data provider to create Phil Spencer’s property report. This gives vital information on:

  • Property information e.g. maps, boundary plans and 360 degree photos
  • Nearby planning applications
  • Estimated property valuation
  • Residents
  • Neighbourhood demographics
  • Areas insights e.g. crime rates and local schools

Commenting on this newly launched report service, Phil said: “I want to arm anyone moving with the tools, knowledge and confidence to secure the right property and get the best deal possible. Knowing vital property-specific and local area information about somewhere you’re set to call ‘home’ is too often overlooked. Having all the facts to hand and knowing what to do with them is essential when buying or renting.”


How Are Netleadz Going to Help?

It’s clear to see why Netleadz wanted to work with Move iQ, but how do we plan to help them?
We have significant experience in the property sector and we know what it takes to make a brand truly stand out in this industry.
Move iQ have the expertise and content, while Netleadz have the skill to get this noticed. We’ve developed a comprehensive distribution strategy, including thorough content optimisation, to build Move iQ the audience it deserves. We are pleased to be the team to make the Move iQ brand a household name!
Netleadz are experts in performance marketing, working across search, social and content. If you want to find out how we can build relevant audiences for you brand, explore our full range of digital marketing services further here.

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