Netleadz Launches Social Media Club

Netleadz launches the social media club; a hands-on, business specific social media session for business owners, start-ups and SME online marketing executives to help understand the impact of social media on SEO.

Social Media and Search Engines

Social Media are increasingly having an impact on Search Engine listing results. Search Engines finally come to embrace Social Media and so should business owners, especially if you want your website to continue to rank top for important business search terms.

Engines are continuously tweaking their algorithms to include Social Media signals, when searching for the most relevant web pages. This trend will continue and probably accelerate, making Social Media’s ability to drive Search Engine Optimisation a topic of special interest to online marketing executives. Netleadz is well placed to offer bespoke social media services to help companies’ SEO and online marketing initiatives.

Get to know Social Media in the context of SEO

We have come up with a brand new, innovative initiative to help you get to grips with the Social Media basics and its impact on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The Social Media club is a simple, but effective concept: drop in to our offices and learn about Social Media in the context of SEO. We help you find out how well your business performs in Search Engines, how you can improve your Social Media activities to outrank your main competitors in major Search Engines. You will learn how to optimise your Social Media campaign so you also get the benefits in Search Engines. Find out more about the actual Social Media gaps you need to bridge in order to become the most relevant website in your sector or niche.

Social Media affects Search Results

Everything you do in Social Media will affect your site’s search engine rankings. Social Media has to be done in the context of your niche, your target audience, your industry and your target market. You have to understand Search Engine marketing in the context of your own business. Just going through the motions with your Social Media strategy won’t be good enough in today’s highly competitive online marketing environment.

Two hours face to face with our Social Media experts

Our Social Media club is aimed at SME companies. Each session will last about two hours face to face with an Social Media expert who has experience in optimising campaigns and websites. Our expert will get you an insight into Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation and provide you with a benchmark for your own business’ online performance. Once you completed the first session you will have a much better understanding of your Social Media, the gaps, the opportunities and threats. Our Social Media Club allows marketing decision makers to get their foot on the SEO ladder and understand the optimisation principles in the context of Social Media.

Our Social Media Club is run weekly by appointment. To apply, just visit our website and send us your request via our enquiry form: Reference ‘Social Media Club’

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