How To Ignore Google and be an Online Success

Matt Cutts has really gone and done it hasn’t he! Early in 2014 he made two announcements causing mass face palms so wide spread that their seismic waves could be felt world over; at the very least to all those working day in, day out in SEO.

Our Digital Marketing Resolutions for 2014

2013 saw a lot of game changes for the digital marketing world. Firstly we are no longer content with the term SEO, feeling it puts us in too smaller box and doesn’t exactly allow clients to see the bigger picture (not to mention the negative connotations and reputations old SEOs managed to build alongside their nasty back links). We instead are looking for new words to describe our practice which is in many ways analogous to the way that search engine algorithms themselves have been changing.

How (Not Provided) Keyword Data is Driving SEO Forward

On the 23rd of September the decision was made to redirect all visitors to the HTTPS version of Google and ever since nearly everyone connected with the search industry has had their say on “(Not Provided)” keyword data. Even before the switch the issue of Not Provided had been a growing source for concern as Google decided to no longer pass referral data for logged in users.

SEO isn't dead: it's a Zombie!

SEO is dead, unnecessary, ill fated, doomed. Blah, blah, blah. Everytime Google lays out a new hurdle to jump the it's the same old story and an obituary style blog post is written. But this just isn't the case. SEO isn’t dead it’s a zombie, ever feasting on Google algorithms in order to gain strength. The SEO Zombie gains power with each new hurdle as tactics and strategies are always having to be adopted.

Organic Search Optimisation: A New Era

Over the past few years, millions of people have learned to rely on search engines for information. In fact, a 2012 survey discovered that 61% of internet users carried out product research online. In the same year 44% of online shoppers began using a particular search engine. Even more importantly, a report by Forrester showed that 54% of users found what they were looking for through organic search results.

Is Link Removal the New Link Building?

OK everyone, the wait is over Penguin 2.0 has been unleashed and now walks among us. There has been a lot of speculation as to what will happen next, keeping much of the SEO industry’s eyes glued to analytics looking for any nuance they can accredit to the mighty Penguin.