How Your Startup Can Make the Most of TechPitch 4.5

If you’re a startup in London, you’ve probably heard of TechPitch 4.5. The events bring together some of the most exciting startups in the industry. Each participant is given time to pitch their business idea to other companies, influencers and potential investors. Every event on the TechPitch 4.5 calendar is a huge opportunity for your business. This is why we’ve put together a short guide on how you can make the most of it.
As a fledgling business, your time is a blessing. You’re too busy to attend events which won’t offer any genuine value. This is why, we’ve collated some practical tips to maximise the outcome of your TechPitch 4.5 attendance. Whether you’re attending to secure investment, to grab some worthy connections or just for advice, here’s what you need to know.

how your startup can make the most of techpitch 4.5


Why Should I Attend TechPitch 4.5?

Good question. If you haven’t already heard of TechPitch 4.5 you’re probably wondering what’s so great about it. The truth is, gaining exposure as a startup is difficult. You may have a great idea but for some reason it’s just not getting any traction. You may have the perfect product but not sure how to bring it to market. TechPitch 4.5 can help.
At these events, eight startups are given three minutes to pitch to a panel of industry leaders, business experts and an audience brimming with intrigue. After each pitch, the panel give feedback and their honest opinions. Each evening involves a keynote speaker, eight pitches, an opportunity to network with attendees and of course the obligatory beer, wine and pizza!
London plays host to 12 events every year. These aren’t just for tech startups. You can also attend individual discipline focussed events such as Music TechPitch 4.5, Sports TechPitch 4.5 as well as Fashion & Luxe TechPitch 4.5. Whatever event you’ll be attending, here’s how to get the most out of your attendance.

Get Your Pitch Right

So you’re pitching at TechPitch 4.5? This sounds like pretty obvious advice but do try to get your pitch right. Your idea could be great but it stands for nothing if you can’t get your idea across in the right way. Pitching for investment is tough enough at the best of times. It’s then made a whole lot harder when you’re given a three minute time limit. Here’s how to nail your pitch.

Target the Right Investor

Don’t just approach any investor around. Look for someone will offer something more than cash. When you know what type of investor you’re targeting, you can tailor your pitch accordingly.

Prepare an Engaging Deck

Approach your pitch with a high quality slide deck based on a solid business plan. Include financial predictions but be aware, time is limited. Use graphics, charts and imagery to show key details. This will add a touch of personality to your deck. Prepare for scrutiny, anticipate the tricky questions and be sure of your answers.

Sell Yourself

A quality deck helps but the most important thing to sell is yourself. Investors look for a lot in your business but it’s important to show that you can actually deliver it. Show your passion, after all people invest in people.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Immediately follow up after your pitch. Did you promise to do something? Update potential investors on milestones and big wins. Always update your presentation after any pitch to cover any tricky questions you were asked. 

Take Your Opportunity to Network

There’s a rich and diverse list of attendees at any TechPitch 4.5 event. Don’t waste the opportunity to network with these high value individuals. Speak to other startups, approach potential investors and pick the minds of industry influencers. TechPitch 4.5 is the perfect place to network and gain important connections. Here’s how to capitalise on your networking opportunity to maximum effect.

Know What You Want

What are you looking for? Consider whether you’re looking for a new partner, investor, supplier, mentor or simply new customers. You should tailor your approach based upon what you want to get out of it.

Make Connections Beforehand

There’s usually a buzz on social media before any TechPitch 4.5 event. Get in contact with attendees via social media to introduce yourself and skip the awkward small talk stage. This can make you appear more approachable and friendly.

Maximise Your Opportunities During the Event

So now it’s come to the event itself and you’re ready to network. It’s important to listen and have a discussion, don’t just talk about yourself. Don’t approach networking with the intention of selling yourself to everyone you speak to. Having said this, it’s always worthwhile having an elevator pitch up your sleeve - you never know who you might meet.

Follow Up Afterwards

As with getting your pitch right. It’s vital that you follow up immediately after networking. Keep the momentum going.

4 Questions All Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Ask

Thinking about taking the jump into business? A TechPitch 4.5 event is the perfect platform to throw a few ideas around and solidify your proposition. At each pitching event, there’s an array of resources just waiting for you to tap into. Approach the experts, speak to investors and ask these key questions.

Does My Business Idea Satisfy a Need or Solve a Problem?

If your idea isn’t disruptive and you can’t identify at least one USP there’s a chance it’s not viable.

What’s the Current State of the Market?

Find out whether the sector is in growth or decline. You should look into the buying habits of your demographic and whether they’re going to pay for your product of service.

What Type of Team Should I Build?

Your team drastically affects your early success. Ask for the opinion of industry experts and listen to their own experiences.

How Much Investment Will I Need and When Can I Expect to Start Making Revenue?

Pick the brains of more experienced attendees. Ask them when you should expect to seek investment, how much you should look for and which pitfalls you should avoid in your path to being financially stable.

Talk to Investors

An event like TechPitch 4.5 gives you access to a whole host of potentially relevant investors. Sometimes it can be difficult approaching investors when you feel unexperienced as a startup. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy a constructive conversation, you never know where it could lead.

Explore All Options

Don’t just dive head first into investment. There are plenty other options out there that should be considered. Once you’ve decided to go ahead with investment, target the right individuals.

Ask for a Realistic Amount of Money

We’re not advising you to head straight in and discuss money at a TechPitch 4.5 event. Despite this, you should consider how much money you would ideally look for. Seeking too much money will put off smaller investors. Looking for too small a sum will put off investors who think the money will run out before they receive a return. 

Know Your Numbers!

We want to really emphasise this. If you don’t know your numbers, you’ve got no hope of securing investment. A market may look big but what share will you actually take? Research your opportunity and consider whether your proposition actually makes sense. You want to portray realistic projections.

Have a Flawless Plan

It’s important to present a thoroughly thought out plan. Missing information will alarm potential investors and undermine trust.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Seeking investment is a slow burning, difficult and often drawn-out process. Be sure to give yourself enough time to do it. Most business failures are the result of a lack of funds. Don’t expect to network with investors at TechPitch 4.5 and receive investment immediately.

We Start You Up

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