How To Develop Your Content And Gain Authority

Content and good copywriting are essential elements in a successful online marketing strategy. When it comes to SEO, content has always been king. With advances in search engine algorithms, creating quality content has become even more essential than before. Content is what gains your website relevancy, helps you build authority and makes it much easier to attract inbound links (increases the likelihood of quality links from other websites). Great content also engages first time visitors, increases your page views and helps you convert your visitors into leads and sales. Most leading B2B businesses are using content marketing to attract new leads. The same applies for successful B2C and ecommerce websites.

Creating quality content is critical for SEO

Creating quality content is an integral part of any successful SEO strategy, regardless of your business type or company size. Don’t underestimate the power of creating content. To succeed, you have to publish more than just the usual webpages, blog posts and news stories. Think glossaries, maps, videos, keyword rich FAQs, latest testimonials, integrated tweets, user-generated content, reviews, repurposed news stories, products, recipes, ebooks and whitepapers.  Often you can kill two birds with one stone. Optimised FAQs will save you on customer support costs. Niche specific job opportunities will save you recruitment costs and help your SEO. Unique content will always succeed in SEO. Don’t expect to many short-term gains. It could take you many months to build an audience for your content.

Understand your voice, build your authority

Like with most things in business, with SEO, random never works. Before you even start creating content you have to understand yourself, your brand, your business and your niche. First find your voice, then build your authority though a consistent content strategy. A good content strategy should be customer, product and service focused, but must also be based on solid keyword research and competitor analysis. We strongly recommend keyword research before you write any copy. Know what words and phrases your intended readers are searching with. Make your content creation keyword and intent driven. Develop a consistent strategy, a content creation plan, an editorial calendar, including the keywords that you want to target. Publish regularly and create content as frequently as you can afford, within your budget.

Great SEO copywriting is so much more than just stuffing pages with keywords. It requires research, creativity, consistency, detailed planning and above all a clear strategy. Copywriting for the web involves learning to develop excellent marketing content, while blending in the fundamentals of SEO techniques. SEO helps to increase traffic to your website. Your marketing content is designed to keep visitors on your website and to encourage a purchase. Your challenge is to find the delicate balance between them.

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