How To Develop A Successful Content Strategy

Strategic content development is critical to your online marketing and SEO. Innovative content helps your business authority, engages visitors and will get your business references, inbound links and attention from your target audience. You will have to follow structured process including research, idea development and execution. Below are some questions you have to ask yourself during any of the three phases to a successful content strategy.

Content Research:

The first step in content development involves at least a little research. Analysing any ‘internal’ and ‘external’ aspects of your content, as well as understanding your audience will help you deliver the type of content your business needs. Find out more about content development influencers.

Internal content development influencers:

  • Your business and brand objectives
  • Your products and services on offer
  • Your authority – what are you relevant and credible for?
  • Your latest deals, offers, business developments, news and press releases
  • Your audience – click through, visitors, page views, conversions, customers
  • Your capabilities – CMS, blog, social media, copywriting, video production

External content development influencers:

  • Where is your industry or niche going?
  • What are the main topics today?
  • What topics will be discussed in the future?
  • How will technology affect your industry in the next few years?
  • What are the topics talked about by your customers, prospects and wider community?
  • Which legal, political and social developments could pose a threat or represent an opportunity?

Your audience:

  • Who views, reads, listens to or watches your content?
  • Why do they view, read, listen or watch your content?
  • What is your authority and why?
  • What is your relevancy and why?
  • How credible are you to a particular subject and why?
  • Do you have unique knowledge and insights?
  • How good is your content in terms of quality and information?
  • What knowledge do you have that gives you an competitive advantage?

Develop Content Ideas:

Brainstorm and evaluate your ideas before you start copywriting. Make sure you take industry and market conversations into consideration.

  • What are your visitors and customers asking for?
  • What are your competitors publishing?
  • What are the most relevant searches for your products or services?
  • What are people asking online (YahooAnswers, Tripadvisor etc.)
  • What are influential blog post and communities talking about?
  • What are people discussing in social media?

You have to find content ideas which will interest and engage your audience.

  • Who should be viewing, reading, listening to or watching your content?
  • What does your target audience want, need or expect?
  • In which format should you be producing your content?
  • Where can you find more people who read, listen or view your content?

Delivering content:

Critically evaluate the feasibility of all content options and prepare a content development plan and schedule. Content creation is important, but delivery and execution is equally important. Ask yourself:

  • Do you have the right tools to produce content?
  • How will you upload and update your content?
  • How frequently will you update your content?
  • Do you have sufficient and experienced resources inhouse?
  • Will you have to outsource?

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