Is Facebook The Next MySpace? - Google+1 Explained

Google+ is the latest big social network on the web, set up in direct competition to Facebook. Given Google's track record when it comes to innovation, Google+ is bound to take social sharing to the next level. Find out how it works and how it will affect your online marketing.

What is Google+1

Google +1 is a sharing button and Google’s answer to the Facebook “like” button. Google +1 has been designed to be simpler, slicker, and generally better at sharing than Facebook. You can click +1 to publicly give an article, a website, a product or a service your stamp of approval. The idea being, that your +1's will help your social network or other like-minded people with their search for the best information, products or services. Google claims the + 1 button is shorthand for "this is pretty cool" or "you should check this out." Your +1's are collected in your Google profile and displayed when people within your Google social circle search for something you've recommended.

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Google+1 is spreading fast

In just a few weeks, Google+ has enticed roughly 20 million people to join, even though you still have to be invited to join. A new social media survey has revealed a 33% rise in the adoption of the Google +1 button on the world’s top 10,000 websites. Google +1 is spreading with impressive speed. In fact, Google +1 buttons have already surpassed Twitter Tweet plugins on the home page of top sites. The Google+ network is still under development and doesn't integrate with other systems such as Twitter or RSS yet.

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How Google+1 affects SEO and Search Engine Algorithms

Google hopes that this personal touch to its search formula will help improve its search results. The search engine made changes to its search algorithm earlier this year amidst criticism that its searches were yielding spammy and low quality results. Google+1 allows users to vote on a particular web page which will, in turn, improve its ranking in Google. Google has admitted that they are considering social media in their ranking algorithm and we here at Netleadz consider Google+1 one of the next big things in the evolution of search engine optimisation.

How Google+1 affects PPC

Google anticipates a positive response from advertisers because all ads will display the +1 and clicks on the +1 button do not count as paid clicks. A +1 button will also be available for publishers to use on websites. Advertisers can also opt out, there are no obligations, only benefits.

Online marketing executives take note

Google +1 is not just another way of networking with your friends and social networks. It helps create awareness for your business, organisation or cause. It is a personal recommendation for your business,products or services. Given the might of Google and the popularity of social networking, it would be foolish to ignore Google+ and Google+1.

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