Wearable Technology: A Marketing Gamechanger

The tech industry is infamous for changing so rapidly that companies struggle to keep up. As a brand, if you’re not an early adopter you can miss out on a huge marketing opportunity. We predict this type of change for the wearable tech market. The number of wearable devices in common circulation is set to rise exponentially in the coming years. The quicker companies are to utilise this platform for marketing, the more likely they are to engage with a new captive audience.

How Your Startup Can Make the Most of TechPitch 4.5

If you’re a startup in London, you’ve probably heard of TechPitch 4.5. The events bring together some of the most exciting startups in the industry. Each participant is given time to pitch their business idea to other companies, influencers and potential investors. Every event on the TechPitch 4.5 calendar is a huge opportunity for your business. This is why we’ve put together a short guide on how you can make the most of it.

Maximise PPC Conversions With These Best Practice A/B Testing Tips

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is one of the most common features of a digital marketing campaign. It can also be one of the most expensive. For this reason, it’s imperative to not let any potential conversions slip away. We highly recommend using an A/B test to ensure your PPC ad measures up. The process of A/B testing is relatively simple though there are some important best practice guidelines that can often be overlooked.

Creating a Killer Video Marketing Strategy

Video is taking over the web. Every day there are billions of videos watched online, so it’s no surprise to see that brands want to get in on the action and use the medium to maximise the visibility of their products or services. Unfortunately, it’s just not as simple as uploading any old piece of content and expecting the views to flood in. To set yourself up for success you need to be armed with a tried and tested video content strategy that covers every base, from creation to distribution and beyond!

How to Tap into the Millennial Market on Social Media

The millennial market possesses over £150 billion of buying power. If your company can tap into this, you’ve got a real opportunity for success. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the term millennial refers to anyone between the age of 18 and 29. This group is by far the most active on social media. Many companies have tried and failed to harness the power of an engaged millennial following. If you’re going after this market, there’s a few things to consider.

Killer Tips for Nailing Your Next Start-Up Investment Pitch

Pitching to potential investors as a start-up can be difficult and intimidating. Some manage to get it right whereas others seem to make the same mistakes over and over again. The truth is that your pitch for investment begins before your presentation and carries on after you’ve finished. Here are a few killer tips that will help you get it right:

Why Great Digital Marketers Are Like Superstar DJs

It might take you by surprise just how many similarities between digital marketers and DJs there really are. The premise of becoming a DJ is very similar to that of undertaking a business’ online marketing campaign. As with all sectors of business there are some that do it far better than others. So here’s why being a top DJ is like having great digital marketing skills – pay attention David Guetta, you might learn something.

5 Brands That Won Euro 2016

Euro 2016 has drawn to a close and the elaborate marketing campaigns of the major sponsors will soon fade into obscurity. This year’s tournament has been the largest of its kind with the addition of eight new teams, twenty new games and roughly 230 million more viewers. With this additional attention, the competition has presented an excellent opportunity for brands to reach a new captive audience. Some manage to do this far better than others. This year, it wasn’t just the major sponsors that surged in popularity, many unofficial companies thrived too.