Snap Fashion; A Digital Marketing Perspective

Something very exciting is happening in the fashion industry. A new app, supported by Innovate UK is set to revolutionise the way we shop for clothes. Snap Fashion is an award winning app that allows you to take a quick picture of any garment and will immediately find you similar High Street options. The beauty of this technology is that it’s not just a simple search engine, it doesn’t give an exact result, it helps you seek inspiration from the initial item.

Neteatz: Netleadz Team Eats and Drinks Their Way Around Taste of London

On a Friday afternoon in June, the Netleadz team ventured out of the office and towards the iconic Taste of London food festival in Regent’s Park. We were offered the tickets from our generous client Eatapas and decided to put them to good use! Walking up to the festival, there was a buzz of anticipation in the air – or it may have been the grumbling of hungry stomachs.

Things Angel Investors Look Out for Sprinkled with a Few Digital Marketing Tips

Our very own, Xaver Matt, was recently invited to be keynote speaker at Techpitch 4pt5 to talk about what it is that actually gets an angel investor excited. Xav spoke about what he looks for in an investment, how a company should approach a pitch and how a start-up can utilise Digital Marketing to its full potential. 

Digital Marketing Predictions For 2026

So the dust has settled and most digital marketing agencies are done churning out their predictions for 2018 blogs - What will this year bring? Will there be monumental changes to SEO? Could the social media landscape forever change with huge tectonic-like shifts? Will content still be king or will there be mass treason as it is demoted for more technical minions that impact the rankings? So many unanswered questions! 

5 essential Innovate UK videos for every startup & SME looking for funding & investment‬

Innovate UK invests millions each year in supporting startups and SME businesses to develop new innovative products and services. They’re responsible for discovering and driving the science and technology innovations that will help grow the UK economy and even assist in shaping society. You may not realise just how important Innovation actually is.

Why Organic Marketing Is The Best Way To Increase The Value Of Your Digital Assets

Whether a start-up, SME or multinational corporation, at some point in your life cycle you will have to address your organic marketing. There are very few organisations that have the funds to outright buy themselves the traffic or site visibility they desire; and even if they do, it is unlikely that most would be able to sustain it. To completely neglect the organic side of your digital strategy would be short sighted (to say the least).